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Join REGAL CLUB & SPA in protecting the Earth and become Regal's Angels.

▲"The Natural Beauty Biotechnology Aesthetics Center" has undergone a complete upgrade and is now known as "REGAL CLUB & SPA." We remain dedicated to our "Nature First" philosophy in safeguarding the Earth.

"Unique is perfect" – everyone is unique and irreplaceable! This is REGAL's commitment and dedication to each esteemed customer, upholding the principles of environmental protection and love for the Earth. We strive to develop a refined and stress-free lifestyle, offering a "one-stop pampering service + luxurious art salon space" to create a top-notch, all-encompassing beauty and wellness experience in our newly upgraded flagship store.
REGAL follows the ESG sustainability principles as its mission, adhering to five core values: product consistency, scientific approach, ambiance commitment, innovation drive, and mutual prosperity. We enrich our customers' priceless lives and well-being, providing them and their cherished family members with an alternative relaxation choice and the opportunity to experience undisturbed moments of tranquility.

Good Feeling Brand undergoes a complete upgrade! REGAL CLUB & SPA leads consumers in participating in sustainable actions.
REGAL Health Lifestyle Division (REGAL CLUB & SPA), Vice General Manager Wei-An Tsai, stated that environmental protection is a mindset. In order to prevent it from becoming a mere slogan, everyone can integrate environmental protection into their lives through simple practical actions. Therefore, in celebration of World Earth Day on April 22nd, REGAL is launching the Bottle Recycling Campaign and Ocean-Friendly Sunscreen for Summer, expanding the scope of activities in response to the theme of environmental protection and love for the Earth. Together with consumers, we aim to initiate a green and loving guardianship.
In the days to come, REGAL will also encourage consumers to use their own personalized towels, bathrobes, and other items, reducing paper and cotton product consumption, and minimizing unnecessary waste burden on the Earth. Everyone can contribute to environmental protection in simple and stress-free ways. Join REGAL in protecting our planet – Be a Regal's Angel!

Beauty starts from within. Join REGAL in protecting our planet. Be a Regal's Angel!

Calling upon new and existing members to join hands in support of World Earth Day with three major actions.
Every year, April 22nd marks World Earth Day, the grandest global environmental festival. Many environmentally conscious businesses, brands, and consumers enthusiastically respond by participating in activities such as beach clean-ups, tree planting, Earth Hour, waste reduction and recycling, and using public transportation. These actions promote green and low-carbon lifestyles and contribute to improving the Earth's environment. This year, REGAL CLUB & SPA, a new high-end beauty and spa brand under the Eastern Home Shopping & Leisure Group, has launched a series of eco-friendly activities throughout the month of April in response to the ideals of World Earth Day. They invite all beauty enthusiasts who care about the environment and sustainability to join in and incorporate the concept of loving the Earth into their daily lives.

The recently upgraded "Natural Beauty Biotechnology and Aesthetics Center" has transformed into "REGAL CLUB & SPA." REGAL adheres to the principle of "natural as the foundation" in safeguarding the Earth. They believe that our happiness and that of future generations depend on how we take care of ourselves and our planet. With this intention, REGAL aims to lead consumers in enjoying the transformative beauty of the spa while also engaging in actions to protect and cherish the Earth.
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